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Modernisation, electrical and hydraulic design



We will gladly support you in the development of your machine. We can offer the following services:


  • Advice in the selection of electronics and electrical components (joystick, sensors, etc.)
  • System design and wiring options
  • Hydraulic design
  • Drawing of circuit diagrams
  • Procurement of components and prototype construction of switch cabinets




Special machines and vehicles have a long service life. Often they are in use for decades. But after such a long time, operation, convenience, energy consumption and functionality no longer correspond to today’s standards. The manufacturer is also often no longer able to supply nu-merous spare parts.

We modernise your machine according to your ideas and wishes. By using electronic systems, a machine can be operated much more comfortably and modern bus systems facilitate installation and maintenance. Special diagnostic functions show machine malfunctions directly, reducing the need for time-consuming troubleshooting.

The hydraulics in combination with the electronics offer many possibili-ties for reducing fuel consumption and making operation simpler and more convenient. For example, hydraulic pumps with load sensing re-quire much less energy. Less heat is generated in the system, which in turn leads to a longer service life for all components, especially hoses, seals and oil.

We design a modern and ergonomic workplace for the machine opera-tor. We offer equipment for cabs, operator stands and simple controls. We create individual solutions for every application. The cabs are equipped with modern electronics. They make work easier and provide greater comfort for the operator. Use of electronic controls makes it possible to display machine data on a display or PC. Extensive diagnostic functions facilitate troubleshooting and reduce machine downtime. In addition, the machine can be controlled via touch displays or a PC.

Talk to us, we will find the right solution for your machine. We will gladly support you when it comes to procuring spare parts or replacing old assemblies.

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