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» Electronics

Products for the construction of electrical and electronic systems in machines.


» Service & support

Practical products for assistance during service and support operations.

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Measurement » umi 

» Machine

Ready-to-install systems and products for controlling mobile machinery.

» eBSS

» Crane control

» System solutions


» Testing & Simulation

Control cabinets with which your products/machines are simulated or tested.

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Testing & simulation

Switch cabinets with which your products/machines can be simulated or tested.


We manufacture customised switch cabinets for you.


Reproduce, test, improve

By setting up a test cabinet, hardware such as joysticks, displays, sensors, motors or complete machines can be simulated. Thus “components” can be used without having them on site. Using plug connections, power supply, inputs and outputs, and CAN communication between different hardware can be connected and checked quickly.

With this environment, it is possible to test products and code before they are delivered to the customer. This ensures consistent and high quality.





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