Crane controller

Independence and versatility are key features that characterise our newly developed control unit, since the operation of loading cranes on mobile machines has to satisfy highly specific requirements.
All standard hydraulic control blocks can by controlled by our controller irrespective of the manufacturer.
It is also possible to use different types of joysticks without any problems whatsoever, with these being connected either via the CAN bus or directly to the control unit. Particularly for body manufacturers, this provides a maximum degree of flexibility in terms of the selection of hydraulic components.

This in turn makes it easier for us to cater to your individual requests.

Our control unit can be integrated into an existing machine control and controlled via a defined protocol. If a display with a CAN-open interface is available, this can be used for the crane settings, meaning that there is no need to install additional displays. For machines without a CAN-bus system, the setting is implemented via a small display, which can be purchased as an additional item. This enables the system also to be used in custom-built machines as well as in small production series, besides making it suitable for retrofitting in existing machines.

Further information on the crane controller